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Quick, Convenient, and Competitive

We are former/current developers who understand what it takes to develop and complete projects. We want help your project be successful. We expect every transaction to result in a “win-win” outcome. As a direct lender with a large amount of capital, you can rely on us to never miss a funding date.

To date, we have funded hundreds of loans and have never missed a funding date.

We step in when other lenders are unable to perform.

Limited Credit Availability

Conventional banks and other lending sources remain under fiscal and regulatory pressure. We can cut through the red tape and give you a decision within 24-48 hours. We often can close a loan within one week after origination.

Flexible Terms

Traditional bridge/hard money lenders are localized, unstructured, and carry exorbitant pricing and terms. We evaluate each project based on its own merits. We try to find pricing that is appropriate given the underlying risk, but we strive to find terms that will still put our borrowers in a position to succeed.

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